Medical Technology and Practice Patterns Institute (MTPPI) is a non-profit research institute established in Washington, DC in 1986. Specializing in the analysis of health outcomes, health care services and policies, MTPPI draws on its staff's multidisciplinary expertise in health services research, health policy analysis, biomedical engineering, epidemiology, economics, statistics, and market research to design and conduct health services research.


Funding sources include government agencies, third-party payers, hospital chains, medical specialty groups, voluntary disease societies, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturers.


MTPPI focuses its research efforts on the following areas:


  • Causal Modeling
  • Health Policy Analysis



MTPPI has strong links to the academic, health provider, and health policy communities, government agencies and health professional societies. Through these relationships, the Institute is assured of quality advice on study design and pathways for dissemination of research results. MTPPI has long-standing collaborative ties with clinical and research professionals at universities and other academic institutions across the country. The Institute interacts with the relevant professionals and components of several agencies of the Federal government MTPPI maintains an extensive database library and state-of-the-art computer facilities


These assets help the Institute provide a full range of services, affording tested analytical capabilities to identify and evaluate a wide variety of health care financing and delivery issues.