• AHRQ R03 HS20243
    Dialysis Chains and Access to Renal Transplantation—
    The objective was to examine the role of dialysis chain organizational status and access to cadaveric renal transplantation.

  • NIDDK R21 DK088049
    ESA Use among CKD Patients: Pilot Study Using MSM—
    The goal was to examine ESA use before and after TREAT trial among Stage 3 & 4 CKD patients.

  • AHRQ R03 HS20572
    Do Safety Warnings Change Prescribing—
    The goal of this project was to examine the effect of a FDA Black Box warning on ESA dosing.

  • American Diabetes Association ADA 1-11-CT-54
    Safe Use of ESA Therapy among Diabetic Patients Undergoing Dialysis—
    The objective of this project was to determine the most appropriate use of ESA therapy for treatment of anemia among a cohort of dialysis patients with diabetes.

  • AHRQ R21 HS19513
    Individualized Treatment for Complex Patients—
    The goal of this project was to examine anemia management treatment, specifically, hematocrit targets for complex dialysis patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

  • AHRQ R03 HS018697
    Chains and Mortality among the ESRD Population—
    The goal of this project was to examine the role of organizational status in outcomes among dialysis patients, focusing on the mediational role of injectable medications.

  • FDA R13 FD003900
    ESA Agents: Technical Advisory Committee Meetings—
    The goal of this project was to support FDA’s Small Scientific Conference Program (R13/U13) by hosting a meeting dealing ESA labeling and changes based on FDA decisions.

  • Lupus Foundation of America LFA
    Relationship between Prednisone, Lupus Activity and Organ Failure—
    The major goal of this project was to determine the causal role of steroids, the only treatment for lupus outbreaks, and irreversible organ damage.

  • NIH/NIDDK R01 DK066011
    Epoetin Therapy and Survival among Hemodialysis Patients—
    The major goal of this epidemiologic study was to clarify the relationship between epoetin dosing, hemoglobin values, and mortality in patients undergoing hemodialysis.