Senior Data Analyst


Develop and apply statistical methods and modeling tools to organize/process/analyze large medical informatics/healthcare data sets. Design, deploy, and manage a multitude of applications using AWS stack (including EC2, Route53, S3, IAM, Snowball) in AWS/RHEL Linux environment. Responsible for related software specification, testing, and hardware specification and acquisition. Develop and manage a web-based tool (CERBOT) using, a NodeJS custom application and MongoDB for data storage. Co-ordinate with multiple stakeholders to design study analysis plan with focus on causal inference research. Assist in developing the project plan, structures and work processes of the projects. Work and co-ordinate with multiple clients to understand project requirements. Manage meetings, training materials involving product demo and its applications. Develop case studies and manuals for product training. Work with the technology team in developing an API to help assimilate the web-based products into client’s ecosystem. Develop and maintain multiple websites using CMS platforms (Wordpress, Drupal) based on requirements of various research projects. Perform revisions and keep them updated depending on the client feedback. Maintain and update internal MTPPI Github data repositories and issue tracking software’s including JIRA and Confluence.


Min req: MS in CS, Stats, Math, or related sci field. 3 years of experience with statistical programming in health research services environment, data visualization/reporting and analytics. Advanced skills in SAS and R, health/medical database management including work with very large data sets for statistical analyses. Must have some experience with systems administration, databases, SQL, AWS Cloud services, and Atlassian project management tools.


Job location: MTPPI, Bethesda, MD.


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