MTPPI has access to numerous information resources, including a set of the most extensive and prominent medical, biomedical research, and business-related databases. The ability to retrieve the most current and robust information available allows MTPPI to conduct research quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively. While conducting research, MTPPI regularly employs a wide range of databases from multiple data sources, including administrative billing records, electronic health records, Medicare and state Medicaid databases, specialty clinical databases (e.g., renal failure, transplantation, lupus), national health and examination surveys, census data and primary data collection efforts. MTPPI is always looking for new sources of data and also welcomes collaborators to share new research ideas that can utilize the Institute's existing databases. Please contact MTPPI for further information.


MTPPI maintains an advanced data center which is located in a secured location on the Institute's premises. MTPPI's researchers, database administrators and technical staff utilize a network of servers, PCs, electronic information systems, and data libraries to conduct advanced statistical analyses of large-scale data sets. Please contact MTPPI for further information on the Institute's technology resources.